Friday, 15 January 2016

Viktor Vauthier

Viktor Vauthier is one of my favourite photographers purely due to his simplicity and how he captures the expression of the models face. he is a relatively low profile photographer with only a small following however, he very underappreciated in my opinion. his photos are taken with film cameras which adds a clean and fresh effect to the images. I also like his use of shadows in some of his photos which I intend to attempt to replicate when creating my magazine as I think it helps to add depth to the photo which can therefore make it more interesting.

If I was to try and take photos inspired by his work, I think that the fresh faced look would be harder to achieve as that is very much dependent on the model used which in his case is a professional. despite this, his use of simple backgrouds could be easy for me to imitate, as this is what I have access to in terms of my magazine backdrop.

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