Sunday, 17 January 2016

language style

Magazines use different types if writing style and tone depending on their target audience's age or subculture for example. the language used by a magazine is altered or adapted through their use of tone, if the target audience is more mature a more formal tome would be used, In contrast, if the magazine is more suited to a younger audience, the language wont be as conscious of using slang words or adopting more of a relaxed tone. personally I like the tone used in i-D magazine or loud and quiet, as it is suited to a younger and more alternative audience in comparison to something like rollingstone magazine, Q or billboard. this could be partially due to that fact they are more well known and have been running for longer. i would like to adopt more of a casual tone as it would suit my genre more and also the language would be better suited to my audience as it is targeted at a younger generation.

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